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Territorial cohesion policy and EU budget

Our priorities

We promote regional policy that reflects real needs at the local and regional level and allows for flexibility, and we contribute to ensuring a coherent and holistic approach to the sustainable development of urban and rural areas that aims to improve quality of life.

We believe that by making EU Funds more user-friendly with the appropriate level of checks and balances and by ensuring coherence and coordination among the different funds and national priorities, their efficiency can be increased.

Promoting good neighbourly relations on internal and external EU borders can be done through the adoption of a long-term strategy on cross-border cooperation, and the establishment of a more coherent legal framework.

We want to see more EU support for small-scale people-to-people projects, which deal with topics of everyday relevance to people living in border regions, contribute to building partnerships and mobilise wider civil society.

We would like to see the establishment of new macro-regional strategies, such as the Carpathian macro-regional strategy, to help address pressing common challenges faced by defined geographical areas relating to Member States and third countries located in the same geographical area.

Supporting the just transition in all areas of transport is important to us. Technological neutrality is our guiding principle, protecting citizens' freedom to choose the most suitable transport options for them and supporting the European automotive industry and regions in transition. We see air connectivity as essential to Europe's regional cohesion and inclusiveness and we call for improved conditions for regional airports to operate.

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