Our Work

Economic policy

Our priorities

We believe in supporting businesses and in particular SMEs to grow and prosper by making the legal framework simple, predictable and less burdensome, linking businesses with sources of financing and fighting late payments. Enhancing competitiveness and resilience must form the core of EU economic policies.

We resist initiatives that impinge upon Member States' sovereign competence to pursue their own taxation policies. We do not agree with calls for introducing EU-wide tax schemes that discourage healthy competition between Member States.

We reject calls to introduce a fiscal union that links Member States' budgets and leads to unjustified transfers between them. Instead, we call for balanced and well-coordinated macroeconomic policies.

We would like to see the remaining obstacles to the free movement of goods and services in the Single Market removed, by thoroughly mapping out existing barriers, monitoring new barriers and enforcing Single Market legislation.

Ensuring a successful digital transition of the EU's cities and regions, and enhancing interoperability remain key priorities for us, and in this regard, we support the expansion of broadband network coverage to all regions, unlocking the potential for all EU citizens and businesses to reap the benefits of digitalisation.

In our view, the EU must remain a key global actor and the largest trading block. International trade must be open, fair and rule-based. Finally, the EU must learn the lessons of past crises, pursuing an open strategic autonomy to secure independence in fields of essential commodities such as critical raw materials, food and energy.