Our Work

Environment, climate change and energy

Our priorities

We strongly call for an EU climate policy that is evidence-based with ambitious, yet realistically achievable objectives. We support the goal that the EU as a block intends to reach climate neutrality by 2050, while Member States, cities and regions retain the freedom to adopt policies most appropriate for their own circumstances.

The EU must complete the Energy Union and integrate energy systems at all levels. The right balance is needed between market forces and solidarity mechanisms, which shall be launched if any region is in trouble due to supply shocks.

The green transition must be fair, inclusive and no region or municipality must be left behind. EU legislation must take into account the different starting positions of various countries and provide extra support to those in need.

Mining regions in the EU face great challenges and strict climate targets will make their current operation impossible in the near future. Substantive support is needed to facilitate their transition. 

The EU must work towards reaching circularity. This will require massive investment in new technologies, but also a shift in the mind-set of European citizens and businesses. 

More than 80% of the EU's building stock is energy inefficient. Supporting renovation of the building stock will help EU citizens save on energy bills, decrease energy consumption and create thousands of new jobs.