Our Work

Social policy, education, employment, research and culture

We consider families to be the bedrock of society and strive to make all EU policies as family-friendly as possible. Our goal is to support national authorities to implement effective, inclusive policies and to make more efficient use of the EU's social policy resources.

The 21st century presents us with ever-evolving challenges and we believe in contributing to the overall objective of meeting the significant upskilling and reskilling needs, driven by the common ambition to be fit to face these challenges. We strive for education and training systems that are able to better match citizens' competencies with the needs of the labour market.

Reducing social inequalities is a topic close to our hearts and we support policies that combat youth unemployment. We participate in building a better future for Europe's young generation through the provision of new work and social opportunities in order to enhance individuals' knowledge and skills. 

Fighting brain drain is an important topic for us and this challenge needs to be addressed at all levels of government.

We believe that investments in research and innovation policies and smart specialisation strategies in Europe's cities and regions should be increased in order to benefit from the digital transformation.

We contribute to promoting European cultural heritage and the different traditions across the EU, in line with the EU motto "united in diversity". EU institutions must respect the peoples of Europe's right to historical continuity, to enjoy their way of life and character.