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Redefining the equilibrium towards sustainable tourism

Redefining the equilibrium towards sustainable tourism


09 Oct 2023 16h30Brussels

Description and concept of workshop


The tourism industry brings with it an array of opportunities for a multitude of other sectors—including hospitality, employment, infrastructure and cultural exchanges. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel and tourism had become a key sector in the world economy, accounting for 10 percent of global GDP and more than 320 million jobs worldwide. It created jobs and helped to boost socio-economic development. That being said, whilst tourism does in fact reap certain benefits, it also brings with it a cost, that does not only impact the local population in terms of societal factors, but also in terms of housing, cultural heritage and the environment. 

The commercialisation of local culture can have detrimental effects on the way in which national heritage is preserved, the influx of tourists to one area can increase environmental pollution and local populations could find themselves at the mercy of a volatile job market, in which work opportunities become seasonal and insecure. 

Of course, that being said there are various positives which could be enjoyed by the local population, through funds being channelled towards the development of their immediate infrastructure, better connected transportation system and the generation of more jobs within this sector. 

What we need is a tourism that can reconcile market needs with environmental sustainability policies whilst most importantly responding to the phenomenon of over-tourism. 

In our workshop, we propose first-hand accounts of local and regional authorities' efforts, challenges and expectations in managing the tourism sector.

One of the themes of this year's edition of EWRC is "small and mid-sized urban centres driving growth", which ties in well with the proposal of our workshop, in particular, when we look at the short-term rental sector, which, if well regulated, can help to boost the economy and tourism of small rural communities.


Opening speech 

  • Marco Marsilio, President of the ECR Group in the CoR, President of the Abruzzo Region in Italy



  • Barbara Hegedűs, Deputy Mayor of Veszprém, Hungary



  • Roberta Angelilli, Vice-President of the Lazio Region, Italy
  • Juraj Droba, President of the Bratislava region, Slovakia
  • Dagmar Škodová Parmová, Mayor of České Budějovice, Czech Republic
  • Władysław Ortyl, Marshal of the Podkarpackie Region 
  • Michela Monaco, City Councillor of Florence, Italy