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15 Dec 2022 | Łódź, Poland
Together into the future at the European Economic Forum in Łódź
Local and regional government officials from Italy, Finland, the Czech Republic, Spain, Poland and Hungary took part in the debate "Together into the future", which took place on the second day of the European Economic Forum in Łódź, which was hosted by Marshal Grzegorz Schreiber.
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10 Nov 2022 | L'Aquila, Italy
Political declaration to instil new impetus into cooperation amongst conservative and reformist politicians
The ECR Group in the European Committee of the Regions today held its fourth annual Localism Summit in the Abruzzo region in Italy during which conservative and reformist local and regional leaders confirmed their willingness to strengthen bilateral relations in the form of a political declaration.
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01 Dec 2022 | Brussels
Marshal Kozłowski: Energy stability should be our overarching goal
08 Dec 2022 | Brussels
President Marsilio on safeguarding European food security and championing local products
09 Nov 2022 | Liberec
Rebuilding Ukraine among key themes of CORLEAP meeting in Liberec
03 Dec 2022 | Brussels
Podkarpackie region offering support for Ukrainian companies
04 Dec 2022 | Brussels
Integration with Ukraine – challenges for regions
01 Dec 2022 | Brussels
Veszprém – a city for the youth
01 Dec 2022 | Brussels
Local politics and the inclusion of young people
03 Dec 2022 | Sofia, Bulgaria
Security, Migration and Foreign Interference in the Western Balkans
08 Dec 2022 | Brussels
Bohemian glass exhibition in Brussels, presented by Pavel Branda
17 Dec 2022 | Italy
"Brothers of Italy" celebrates 10th anniversary
10 Dec 2022 | Gibraltar
Airport in Jasionka wins international Small Airport of the Year award 2022
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