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Newsletter - 30th edition
02 Dec 2021 | Brussels
Marshal Ortyl addresses President Macron on key challenges as France prepares to take helm of EU Presidency
Welcoming the President of the French Republic of behalf of the ECR Group in the CoR was our very own President Marshal Władysław Ortyl who began by setting forth the elements that "unite us all – us conservatives and the liberal French Government".
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01 Dec 2021 | Brussels
First Vice-President Rob Jonkman's opinion on national recovery plans adopted by unanimity in CoR plenary
The economic and social recovery, as well as the green and digital transitions, can only succeed if local and regional authorities are directly involved in preparing and implementing the national recovery and resilience plans (NRRPs).
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12 Oct 2021 | Brussels
Juraj Droba's opinion calls for regions and cities to be more closely involved in cohesion policy programmes
In supporting this opinion on the effective engagement of local and regional authorities in the cohesion policy programmes for the 2021-27 period drawn up by ECR Vice-President Juraj Droba, CoR members ask for the full respect of the "partnership principle" and its implementation under the new instruments financed by Next Generation EU, such as the Just Transition Fund and the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF).
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16 Nov 2021 | Brussels
ECR Member Anna Magyar nominated CoR rapporteur on the 2021 Enlargement Package
ECR Member Anna Magyar was appointed rapporteur for the opinion on the 2021 Enlargement Package at the meeting of the Commission for Citizenship, Governance, Institutional and External Affairs (CIVEX) of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR). This opinion will directly reflect the EU regions' experience of enlargement.
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15 Nov 2021 | Assen, The Netherlands
Local leaders discuss new energy opportunities at ECR Localism Summit in Drenthe
The European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) Group in the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) today held its third annual Localism Summit. At a conference in Drenthe province (the Netherlands), participants had the opportunity to exchange views on creating sustainable and inventive solutions, such as hydrogen, for the successful energy transition of our cities and regions.
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More ECR news in this edition
14 Dec 2021 | Rome
President Ortyl meets ECR Party leader Giorgia Meloni
07 Dec 2021 | Brussels
"We cannot succeed without nuclear power"
05 Dec 2021 | Brussels
ECR Vice-President Droba calls to go "beyond GDP" for cohesion funds
04 Dec 2021 | Brussels
Guido Castelli on the European Year of Youth
03 Dec 2021 | Brussels
Oldřich Vlasák on reform of EU
02 Dec 2021 | Brussels
Marshal Przybylski on combatting homelessness
17 Nov 2021 | Brussels
Jarosław Stawiarski and Marco Marsilio on the importance of rail transport for EU regions
16 Nov 2021 | Brussels
Barbara Szilvia Hegedűs: Time to involve young conservatives in the Conference on the Future of Europe
11 Nov 2021 | Hybrid
Roberto Ciambetti co-chairs the 16th meeting of JCC Montenegro on the state of democracy
29 Oct 2021 | Brussels
Guido Castelli and Pavel Branda on doing more on cohesion, the just transition and energy prices
28 Oct 2021 | Brussels
Marshal Jakub Chełstowski calls on regions and cities to act fast on climate mitigation
27 Oct 2021 | Brussels
Tjisse Stelpstra at EU Sustainable Energy Week and how to kick-start the hydrogen economy
27 Oct 2021 | Łódzkie
Supporting Entrepreneurship – Local Government Experiences from Abroad
26 Oct 2021 | Brussels
ECR Vice-President Oldřich Vlasák asked Commissioner Ferreira not to overlook the situation of regional airports
25 Oct 2021 | Strasbourg
ECR members call for a united response from local and regional authorities to Europe's challenges
18 Oct 2021 | Brussels
Pavel Branda urges MEPs to involve more local and regional authorities in defining new Cohesion Policy priorities
15 Oct 2021 | Brussels
Marshal Ortyl on how the European Copernicus Earth Observation System can make Europe greener and more sustainable
14 Oct 2021 | Brussels
ECR Vice-President Marco Marsilio: "We need fair taxation systems"
13 Oct 2021 | Brussels
Anna Magyar urges Prime Minister Janša to find solution to migration problem
12 Oct 2021 | Brussels
Connecting European regions: Transport policy fit for XXI century
12 Oct 2021 | Brussels
ECR Group in the CoR welcomes new members
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