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ECR News - 31st edition
26 Apr 2022 | Brussels
Marco Marsilio elected President of ECR CoR Group as of 29 June
In April's ECR CoR Group meeting, traditionally held before each CoR plenary session, members voted unanimously for Marco Marsilio to assume the Presidency of its group. It’s the first time the group will see its most prominent position led by an Italian, coming into effect on 29 June, which marks the half-way of the current CoR mandate.
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06 Apr 2022 | Rzeszów, Poland
EU local leaders fact-finding mission at Polish/Ukrainian border
The presidents of the political groups of the European Committee of the Regions gathered in Rzeszów, the capital of Podkarpackie region in Poland on a fact-finding mission to assess the needs of local communities and help shape measures to address the Ukrainian refugee crisis.
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03 May 2022 | Brussels
ECR Group amendment on abandoning Nord Stream projects passes for first time in CoR
The CoR April plenary session saw the unanimous adoption of a resolution on EU regions and cities' support for Ukraine. ECR Group members were particularly relieved to see their amendment calling for the total abandonment of the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 projects passing. It is the first time that such an amendment was voted favourably by other CoR members.
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More ECR news in this edition
12 May 2022 | Brussels
Pavel Branda speaks at cross-border tourism event on the Russia-Ukraine war and its impact on the tourism sector
27 Apr 2022 | Brussels
Group president Władysław Ortyl calls for new European Union funds for the refugee crisis
28 Apr 2022 | Brussels
Marshal Stawiarski calls on EU institutions to provide Poland with similar financial support as Turkey to help refugees
22 Mar 2022 | Kraków, Poland
The defenders of Ukraine are in need
18 Mar 2022 | Marseille, France
ECR President calls on the CoR to support Ukraine’s EU candidate country status
01 Apr 2022 | Brussels
Ádám Karácsony - "Education is key to fighting antisemitism"
11 Mar 2022 | Brussels
ECR ENVE Coordinator Marshal Jakub Chełstowski appointed rapporteur on hydrogen and decarbonised gas markets package
10 Mar 2022 | Marseille, France
Anna Magyar: EU should work to restore confidence in the Western Balkans
01 May 2022 | Brussels
Rob Jonkman and the future of taxation in the EU
30 Apr 2022 | Brussels
Matteo Bianchi – "EU citizenship can only be promoted by respecting different national specificities"
27 Apr 2022 | Brussels
Raymund Kovács and the future of EU-UK subnational relations
19 Mar 2022 | Cardiff, Wales
Vice-President Vlasák on future relationships between EU and UK
03 Mar 2022 | Marseille, France
Nello Musumeci: We need to support the Mediterranean region through joint action
10 Mar 2022 | Brussels
"Ambitious renovation targets to meet EU climate objectives should be non-binding"
10 Mar 2022 | Marseille, France
"Europe needs to stop chasing ecology and build geopolitical vision"
04 May 2022 | Strasbourg
ECR local and regional politicians disappointed with the results of the Conference on the Future of Europe
26 Mar 2022 | Strasbourg
Roberto Ciambetti: Promotion of a healthy lifestyle cannot lead to new EU taxes
08 Apr 2022 | Kraków, Poland
Local leaders share experiences in organisation of sporting events
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