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ECR News - 32nd edition
01 Jul 2022 | Rome
President Marsilio speaks to the ECR Study Days in Rome
The past week saw the ECR Group of the European Parliament hold its annual Study Days in Rome. The event featured many key speakers, such as Vice-President of the Parliament Roberts Zīle, and President of the ECR Party and Fratelli d'Italia Georgia Meloni, who gave the keynote address. The gathering addressed many significant and current issues which face Europeans today, such as energy security and transition, and the future of the European Union
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05 Jul 2022 | Strasbourg
Marshal Ortyl invited to ECR Group meeting in the European Parliament to speak about Ukraine
Our First Vice-President Władysław Ortyl was invited by ECR Members of the European Parliament to speak at their Group meeting on the 5th of July in Strasbourg. The Marshal of the Podkarpackie region spoke to the MEPs about the help that Polish regions have been offering to people fleeing the war in Ukraine, and summarised his presidency of the Group in the CoR, which ended last week.
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30 Jun 2022 | Brussels
Oldřich Vlasák: "Czech Presidency of EU will symbolise new period in Europe's history"
Russia's invasion of Ukraine is set to dominate agenda of the Czech Presidency of the EU with many referring to it as a "crisis Presidency".
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01 Jul 2022 | Brussels
García-Gallardo champions Castile and Leon as "Spain's leading region in the automotive industry"
Vice-President of the Regional Government of Castile and Leon, Juan García-Gallardo, championed Castile and Leon as "Spain's leading region in the sector, in terms of production, exports, turnover, value chain and training".
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08 Jul 2022 | Brussels
ECR member Michele Pais appointed rapporteur on the new Interoperability Governance Act
29 Jun 2022 | Brussels
Local and regional authorities adopt Anna Magyar's opinion on EU enlargement
29 Jun 2022 | Brussels
An EU without antisemitism must be the common goal
30 Jun 2022 | Brussels
Marshal Przybylski on the challenges with implementing the Just Transition Fund
03 Jun 2022 | Santiago di Compostela
Turning the tide: from crises to new opportunities – sustainable tourism in Veneto
01 Jun 2022 | Brussels
Energy Performance of Buildings Directive sows serious seeds of doubt for Marco Marsilio
01 Jul 2022 | Brussels
ECR members support the creation of the Automotive Regions Alliance
31 May 2022 | Brussels
Successful exchange of views for rapporteur Marshal Chełstowski in ENVE Commission
30 Jun 2022 | Brussels
Matteo Bianchi on the Conference on the Future of Europe
23 Jun 2022 | Paris
Pavel Branda and the benefits of cross-border cooperation
06 Jul 2022 | ECR members strong supporters of EU Enlargement
ECR members strong supporters of EU Enlargement
30 Jun 2022 | Brussels
More help needed for EU regions hosting refugees from Ukraine
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